EUROCAPITAL Advisors strives to assist you in managing your wealth with professionalism so it may grow constantly following a safe orbit.

Security and Flexibility

EUROCAPITAL advisors concentrates exclusively in the Consulting aspect, not in the direct management of your investments. Therefore, your money is kept in the bank of your choice. We can work with your own banks or start a new relationship with one of the first-tier banks we have agreements with.

Consolidated and Global Perspective

Each of the banks you work with may have a partial and incomplete outlook of your financial wealth. As a result, it is very difficult to adequately manage your portfolio. Our holistic perspective allows us to efficiently plan and carry out a competent coordination amongst the different banks and money managers who take part in the management of your financial wealth.

Independence and Objectivity

EUROCAPITAL advisors income stems from our relationship to our clients, not to the market. In other words: EUROCAPITAL advisors is paid by our clients not by the market. Compared to the traditional concept of bank/client relationship, our approach warrants the fact that the only purpose of our assessments and recommendations is to work in the best interest of our client.We help you plan the transfer of your family wealth to future generations.

Professionalism and Transparency

EUROCAPITAL advisors is specialized in financial wealth management. We carry out a detailed, objective and rational assessment of the investment proposal presented by your bank, increasing the transparency of your investments. We, also provide access to top of the line money managers without having to pay high entry fees.

Greater bargaining power/ Lower Costs

We understand the internal operation of banks and have a close working relationship with several institutions of different jurisdictions. These, as well as the economies of scale we have gained from working with several families, allow us to have a greater bargaining power with financial institutions which usually ends up reducing costs.

Monitoring and minimizing risk of your investments

We help you in the analysis and diversification of your portfolio as a whole, not individually by institutions. This enables you to efficiently diversify your whole portfolio with products of low correlation among them regardless of which institution they are in. We constantly monitor you investments and recommend adjustments.

Coordination and Optimization of the legal and tax structures

We help you plan the transfer of your family wealth to future generations.